- Meet the indomitable Robinson Crusoe
The Real Robinson Crusoe
He survived a tempestuous shipwreck! Endured 28 years on "the island of Despair!" Rose above crushing loneliness! Even went back to "his Island"(did you know that?) And left behind his brightest insights! What was his secret?
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               Including the virtually unknown Volume Three.

A great book just became even more intriguing! We went digging into the mystery-shrouded background of "The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe," and discovered some amazing things!

First of all, there are three volumes, not just one! And they are all part of the original story. Now you can thrill to the story once again, and see how the marooned Robinson Crusoe rose above his intense loneliness and impossible circumstances.

In "The Real Robinson Crusoe--All Three Original Volumes," we share with you also the strange and surprising "behind-the-scenes" story of Daniel Defoe's widely loved tale (Click on "Fresh Discoveries"), and how the story really grew out of the amazing real-life experiences of the author.

In this book, the "brightest jewels" of the Robinson Crusoe story have here been restored-for the first time in almost 300 years! Since Daniel Defoe's captivating tale has been pirated and mutilated over the years, probably more than any other book, we have gone back to the original manuscripts to get at the real story.

Incorporating Vol. II and Vol. III, this new book in readable condensed form tells the whole story as originally intended: Robinson Crusoe's captivating adventures on an uninhabited island, his later world-wide escapades (Vol. II) and his reflections after 28 years on a lonely island (Vol. III) (Click on "My Thoughts.")

We have added two features, "The Life that Gave Us Robinson Crusoe," and the story-behind-the-story of the real island that forms the backdrop for this amazing tale. Based on many years of careful research, this has all been expressed in modern English by long-time Robinson Crusoe enthusiast, Kenneth McVety.

The original of this book was penned by Daniel Defoe in 1719-20. To add life and color to the pages, we bring you throughout this web site the outstanding artwork of Milo Winter (c. 1914).

You'll learn a great deal more as you browse through our web site!

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THE REAL ROBINSON CRUSOE - all three original volumes
        By Daniel Defoe. Abridged by Kenneth McVety.

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Robinson Crusoe on the very location where he built his "castle" and scanned the horizon for ships that might rescue him. Read on in this web site to find how such a thing might have been!

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