- Meet the indomitable Robinson Crusoe
The Real Robinson Crusoe
He survived a tempestuous shipwreck! Endured 28 years on "the island of Despair!" Rose above crushing loneliness! Even went back to "his Island"(did you know that?) And left behind his brightest insights! What was his secret?
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       Crushing Loneliness
          to Bright Hope!
                ....and even Thankfulness!

How a desolate man endured 28 unendurable years!

That is the story of

All Three Original Volumes
by Daniel Defoe

Now it can be told, in the light of recent discoveries! We present the lost elements that make the story what it was intended to be. Daniel Defoe himself talked of the "brightest jewels" of his famous story, and how literary pirates had stripped them away. In this new book, these "brightest jewels" have been diligently restored, along with the long-lost Volume Three.

These new findings uncover the mysterious secret that stands behind the Robinson Crusoe tale!

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And read on in this web site to learn more of the still unfolding mystery of the Robinson Crusoe story.

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